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The Museum of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) was established on the 45th anniversary of USTC founding. There are four exhibition halls for painting and calligraphy, cultural relics, pictures, as well as offices and storerooms. It has more than a hundred pieces (sets) of collections, such as Former President Guo Moruo’s Huge Calligraphy, specimens and scientific researches research findings of the polar expedition, Professor Ding Zhaozhong’s donation of some scientific instruments and so on. Over the past 15 years since its establishment, the museum has held more than 70 exhibitions in a variety of flexible ways such as self-organized exhibitions, joint exhibitions and loan exhibitions. All the exhibitions are widely praised, and have a broad social influence. The museum has been established extensive contacts with a number of university museums and public museums, explored and practiced actively in museum construction. Given the outstanding contribution made in science education, Museum of the University of Science and Technology of China has been awarded “Science Education Base” by the national National association Association for science Science and technologyTechnology, Anhui provincial Provincial association Association for science Science and technology Technology, and Hefei city City association Association for science Science and technologyTechnology.

For a well-known university, the museum not only serves as a window for the school to display its image, but also serves as a base for humanism and patriotism education. It shows outstanding traditional culture, and stimulates students to explore mysteries in the unknown world. Meanwhile, it is also an important base for popular science education, making science close to the public and the public understanding of science.

With the support of the school leaders and the help of teachers and studentsUSTC, we are determined to keep up with the frontiers of teaching and research and display major achievements of them。 We will work hard to design and introduce high-quality exhibitions of scientific development history and traditional culture, and make the museum as a window to show the spirit and image of USTC and a base to reinforce patriotism and humanistic education, as well as the second classroom of related departments and courses。 We will constantly create unique more exhibitions and make a unique contribution in order to improve the humanistic atmosphere and enrich the cultural life of the campus, build a harmonious campus, cultivate innovative talents, and construct “Double First-Class” university。

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